is science-fiction and comedic Afro-futurism. The story takes place in the year 2097. Three African-American female survivors of an unnamed worldwide cataclysm strive to exercise control and spirituality in a dystopian environment. Mona Machine, Dr. Dorinda, and Ann Tenna McCloud engage in a death-dealing battle amongst each other over love,  fried chicken, and the mysterious whereabouts of the last black man left in the world.  Hair weave flies through the universe. There is not enough lotion, hair grease, or shampoo to soothe all of the pain and loneliness in this weird world. The drama ensues with the derailing of Mona Machine’s 130th birthday party, genocide, and the digital manipulations of an unseen force.. The play is multi-media with film clips, an incredible score, and original animation. Runs 60-75 mins.



A period piece, set in segregated New Orleans in the 1940's. Deelores Delacroy has a last bowl of of gumbo with her high falutin' Creole family before sneaking off the next day with her husband to "pass for white." Saydee, the firecracker of the family confronts her at the farewell dinner and let's everybody know what's really been cooking. Based on a true story, this play captures an insider's sense of "Creole Culture," southern humor, and the complexities of race that exist in New Orleans.  Runs  1 hour 20 mins.


Inspired by a real murder that occurred during crime-ridden New Orleans of the 1990’s, this play is a sexy ‘mock’ murder mystery’ that puts a wacky cast of characters including Mizz Pristine Praline, Helen Hitman Hellfire the Fox, and Detective Marcheesey in charge of solving the mysterious murder of Walter Martineau, an infamous womanizer.  All of Walter's girlfriends are suspect, but his true love Madame Dear Ruby Red Rare Rosebud introduces a slew of other possible suspects including his cold and cocaine-addicted mother who has a famous cooking show on a local TV station. Spark Smitten, Walter's ex-roommate is wrongfully accused of the crime, while the cops and media clumsily make up their own story of why so many people, especially black men, are being murdered in a symbolized "New Orleans." Bullets fly, people die, the murder rate is high, and on Lake Pontchartrain, bird watchers catch the Purple Martens fly. Runs 1 Hour 45 Minutes.


Time OUT NY calls SWAP Melanie Maria's  "expressionist bauble that blends affirmational riffs on identity into a quartet of violent relationship fantasies ... with several adorable performances..." The play features a wild cast of characters trapped within their commitments and is dripping with comedy, sex, guns, porkchops, and leopards. An arrogant "simp" named Monty and his  afro-centric jargon-jogging friend named "Friendly" team up against Monty's wife, Tabitha, a porkchop-slinging, revolutionary, while Coach Trainhur drives his loved one, Fatty Catty crazy with his ridiculous rules and nit-picking. The actors climb in and out playing spaces with speed and hilarity, creating one raucous ride. Runs 65 mins. 



A poignant re-telling of true-life stories from her hometown New Orleans following Katrina's destruction. Five folks from different parts of a flooded Big Easy chat it up while waiting in a "relief line." Runs 25 mins.

Other plays by Melanie Maria Goodreaux:

  • And Sometimes It's Very Much About Ownership

  • Con Trole's Predicament

  • Mo Batz' Ride

  • Children's Adaptations of several classics (Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Frankenstein, The Little Prince.)















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